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How to Network & Make Friends, Make sure to “Like” and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for the latest videos: Here are 5 tips on how to network and make friends. A lot of you asked how I knew certain people I was featured on my channel including Madonna’s personal trainer and how I’m growing so fast. I hope this helps.



1) Be friendly
2) Be genuinely interested and curious about people, places, and things
3) Be helpful
4) Get a life
5) Put yourself out there
6) Join a community


Read the book: How to Win Friends and Influence People


Check out Con Artist:


Watch these videos:

How to Hustle and Make it in NYC:

NYC Shared Workspaces for Artist & Entrepreneurs:

Meet Madonna’s Personal Trainer and Get Those ABS!

My First Upload:

My interview with the Cast of Divergent:

Does Famous mean Shameless Narcissist ?

How to Shamelessly Promote Yourself:





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Transcribed by Iliana Matos:

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  1. thecurlychica

    MAYA MAYA MAYA! I love you girl. I LOVE the new direction your channel is
    going in. I can get hair tips for 20 million other youtubers but this right
    here is real life advice. Keep doing your thing! Do you boo!

  2. koreanlovesbeauty

    omgsh, i got so excited when i saw the thumbnail of this video. all my life
    i listened to others telling me to take the safe route,and i ended being an
    accountant..which i am absolutely miserable in. ;/ but i decided to follow
    my dreams in creating a makeup business.but for now.. i started my makeup
    channel and i promoted myself recently like crazy. i uploaded 10 videos and
    got about 5k+ subscribers but i really want to take my channel and makeup
    career to the next level. thanks for the tips!! i have been doing most of
    them already and i feel like this upcoming year is going to be great 🙂
    you;re seriously awesome. you’re one of the most charismatic person on
    youtube! hope i can meet you one day because i also live in new york 🙂
    it’s on my bucket list! hehe <3 by the way, i know a professional ny
    photographer who worked with michelle obama, jay z, jonas brothers and all
    that big name celebrities. i'll tell him to check out your channel since i
    know you love photography ^___^<33 #doyouboo #shameless
    #livinglifeshamelessly <33

  3. MuchMoreThanBeauty

    OMG! I am so happy to hear you say some of the things im already doing. It
    reassures me that I am going in the right direction and I want to thank you
    for sharing what you have learned with us. You are the BIGGEST inspiration
    on Youtube!! Thank you for always empowering and uplifting everyone with
    each and every single video you post. We love you Maya! 😀 xoxo

  4. DearJRenae

    My little life is so very very dull compared to yours.Eeeeekkkkk :/ I am at
    the phase in life that you were in when you started your channel.(Yes I was
    a subscriber since way back when) I am clawing,fighting,climbing my way out
    of this rut I’m in & seeking some sort of direction. Every one says…”do
    whatever you’re passionate about” or “do what you love” Well what if you
    don’t have a passion?What if you are like me and love a little bit of every
    thing?I love to travel,I love to socialize with diverse groups of
    people,I’m a huge foodie.My motto is literally “eat,drink,& be merry” but
    none of that pays the bills lol

  5. makeupedge

    OMGOSHHHH I love that book!! Dale Carnegie is amazing. Your energy is
    contagious maya! I’m so proud of you. So I have a question… I’ve moved
    to NYC about 2 weeks ago and I want to tell you, You inspired me to just do
    it and make the move. I hope you have a meetup soon, I would like to meet
    you in person. Thank you for continuing to be a source of positive
    energy. Keep putting it out in the world I know this channel is only the
    beginning for you. 🙂 Yay!


    Do they have a Con Artist Collective spot in Chicago?! 

  7. savannahandstuff

    I haven’t binged watched someones videos in a crazy amount of time. I’m
    completely addicted to your channel Maya! You are so inspiring xo


    +Shameless Maya Ever since I met you last year at the first event of
    BeautyCon my life is ike WHABAMMM — you’re presence has absolutely had an
    impact on me. The way you speak and deliver your messages to us is SO
    empowering! i NEEDED this video. I am outgoing but I never really put
    myself out there in the RIGHT way. I have so many passions and talents—
    and everyone SAYS: “Oh Lexi you are such a waste” (-_-) WOMP WOMPPP I am so
    motivate and inspired by you! LOVE YOUUUUU #FilipinoPride Do you Boo XOXO

  9. Elizabeth Archer

    What if you are a shy person? 

  10. T McKenzie

    I am such an introverted person that I barely comment on YouTube videos,
    but I really am going to try because I feel like I am in such a rut. I’m
    turning 18 tomorrow and desperately searching for a way to expand my world.
    I just want to thank you for this video because it is giving somewhere to

  11. Tamika Brown

    This beautiful lady is amazing!! If you haven’t checked out her Youtube
    yet…you need to! “How to Network & Make Friends” #networking

  12. ReignaCee

    Helpful great advice! #BeShameless #ShamelessMaya

  13. CallMeKailyn

    Why don’t you have over 6 million subscribers?Haha,Super inspiring.You’re
    pure and genuine and it’s clear to see!Thanks for everything :)

  14. Yoli M

    Maya you are a breath of fresh air. You are genuinely very helpful with
    practical tips anyone can incorporate. I know aside from myself you are
    inspiring millions. Thank you.

  15. Soraya's Makeup Station

    I am definitely going to start doing that. I have just moved to Cambridge
    from Spain and I don’t know anybody 🙁
    I know that following your advice I am going to know sooo many people!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  16. elonnabettini

    It’s so nice to find an NYC based youtuber!! i’m absolutely LOVING your

  17. Sharzad Kiadeh

    1) Love the tips! 2) You’re beautiful! 3) Your voice is so soothing… I
    could listen to you all day!

  18. YoursNaturally11

    Everytime I watch one of your new videos, I go back and watch one of your
    older videos because it’s amazing to see how much you’ve blossomed and how
    far you’ve come. It’s so inspiring and you’re so motivating and genuine.
    The World and the YouTube world needs more Shameless Maya’s

  19. findKHRISTINE

    I knew mila from asian avenue too!

  20. Bianca Bugatti

    This was very helpful. I’m a shy girl, so this is just what I needed to
    here! Thanks love!

  21. Luke Yang

    Thank you, Maya, Great vidoe and Nice tips! By the way the book you
    mentioned “Win friends and influence people”, Is it available here in

  22. 04Talha

    But muslim girls don’t have much opportunity

  23. Tatianna V

    What if you’re young and have an overbearing and protective parent? It’s
    not ad easy to ‘get a life’ when you’re in a bad place. :/

  24. Rene Current

    this was very helpful! not vague which I was afraid of but very specific
    thank you so much I really appreciate it.

  25. Nina Nomura

    Thank you for sharing, Maya! You are inspiring and your advice is


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