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Comparing SEO – Paid vs Organic

As far as search engine optimisation is concerned, there are two main ways to ensure that a website enjoys a prominent spot at the top of result pages. The first is via paid means, typically where a website owner will pay a search engine to sponsor their site and display it as a highlighted option with search results.

The second is a little more involved and could be deemed as organic and a supplement to a social media marketing strategy – and this one relies on an expert’s services to help a website to rank highly with result pages. Both have their pros and cons; albeit one boasts a few more advantages than the other, so here’s a comparison of each type.

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Promoting a business with SEO organically

This method relies on a range of advanced techniques and practices that can help a website to be deemed a priority in the eyes of a search engine like Google. The main benefit is that the improvement of a site’s rank will take place naturally and this is something that search engines appreciate above all else.

When an experienced practitioner is at the helm of these types of strategies, a website could witness a great amount of growth – until it ranks as highly as possible. Once at the top of search result pages, the site can experience an incredible amount of traffic and as long as the on-page content is sufficient, then the chance of making sales will increase substantially.

Relying on AdWords and other features with similar benefits

Google also offers its users the potential to have their sites displayed prominently; albeit for a price which are usually quite a bit more than social media advertising such as Facebook ads. This fee will vary depending on the competition within the niche, but even with frequent payments there’s no guarantee that another website simply won’t pay a little more and receive a higher result. That is only one concern associated with this activity; another relates to the search engine’s tendency to change its policies every so often; which can often lead to a company having to change tact to remain at the top of the results.

There’s also the fact that many internet users actively avoid these highlighted results. Perhaps it’s because they are marked in gold and this can cause people to think that money is involved, or required. Or maybe it has something to do with the forced appearance of these types of results, where people will typically prefer more natural solutions.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that displaying prominently within search result pages can make a lot of difference to an online business – and natural SEO certainly seems the way to go. It’s authentic, offers substantial results and can actually be as cost efficient as any AdWords programs in the long run.